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i have 6 snapped teeth exposed nerves cant afford to have them removed yet been this way for a few years nothing works only dulls it to cope but today could not stand it any more and started swishing random stuff to see if anything helps and you would not belive it but soy sauce will kill the nerve pain better than pain killers soy sauce sounds funny but try it make sure to spit it out too much salt lol

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I'm in such severe pain. Thank you!!


I am so giving this a try! Have a killer toothache since getting a temporary filling. Thanks a bunch - Cheers!


Thanks so much for the info this really works instantly i have a cracked tooth n it was killing me unbearable i thank u again for this

Jaslyn Lee

Whoever came up with this idea is a genius. I have taken 900mg of Vicodin and I was still in tears. A cotton ball with soy sauce and I feel well enough to get some rest.


awesome!! been dealing with a severe with severe toothache for a few days to the point of crying, ran out of ideas. thank u so much!!


Just tried it and it didnt work....still in alot of pain


Thank u it really helped I tryed everything this was my last thing to try n it worked. Going to do it three times a day till I go dentist after Christmas. Merry Christmas n happy new year. Thank u again


I have a wisdom tooth coming in well 3 of them to be exact but one that hurts cause it came in broke in half I have tried everything but soy sauce I told myself no way sounds weird but omg I feel so much better burnt rly bad but it helped me so much I can actually get some rest now


Thanks .. It worked . Had a bad tooth pain.


Omg it is almost 4am and the pain in my tooth was unbearable and this actually worked in seconds doesn't last very long but thank you!!!!

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