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i have 6 snapped teeth exposed nerves cant afford to have them removed yet been this way for a few years nothing works only dulls it to cope but today could not stand it any more and started swishing random stuff to see if anything helps and you would not belive it but soy sauce will kill the nerve pain better than pain killers soy sauce sounds funny but try it make sure to spit it out too much salt lol

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Wooooo! Thank you so much!!


Its kinda like the water/salt that they tell you to do. It worked no more sharp shooting pain. A small dull 9ain but nowhere near what it was. I just hope it dont come back in like a min.


Wow...I was in pain for 3 days and this worked!


did not work! this is bs! fuck!


thanks...i taste salty but relief.more power.


Yep awesome for soy sauce idea. Relief finally.
I tried salt wash but this time it sent me through the roof. Normally works. Soy sauce feels like it's killing bacteria, I can feel warmth but no longer throbbing and pain. Thank u


Best home remedy I've tried I couldn't believe the instant relief! I thought nothing would work since my nerves were exposed but wow thank you so much


Could not sleep because of the tooth pain. Tried different stuff and nothing worked. Saw your comment and went to the kitchen and luckily found soy sauce. Put a table spoon full in my mouth in the effected side and after like two min spit it out and the pain was gone instantly. Thank you. Now back to sleep.


thanks for offering the hope,i had a brand new unopened bottle of soy sauce & ran 2 it after reading ur post. I cant say the difference in our pain levels. I'm glad it worked for those it helped. Because it done absolutely nothing for me. My heart goes out to all of you going trough this excruciating torture because I feel every bit of your pain & id personally rather have another baby all natural over this. my only suggestion to you is a dental school in your area may bill you for your first emergency appointment, where you can make monthly payments at your own budge.. I live in Kansas city mo. & we have a dental school here that does that. but only once.i had a route canal done here about 4 years ago & im still paying them, anywhere from 5 to 20 a month. I hope we all find something to cope & a miracle 2 get the problem fixed.



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