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i have 6 snapped teeth exposed nerves cant afford to have them removed yet been this way for a few years nothing works only dulls it to cope but today could not stand it any more and started swishing random stuff to see if anything helps and you would not belive it but soy sauce will kill the nerve pain better than pain killers soy sauce sounds funny but try it make sure to spit it out too much salt lol

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Soy sauce does work tried it instant pain relief


I tried soy sauce and the pain went away for only a few minutes then it came back


I tried soy sauce and it worked almost instantly. To get rid of too salty taste try rubbing on or around affected area. Also after swishing or applying leave on and don't rinse. Hope this helps!


Worked awesome! My bro inlaw had bad bad pain for two days I googled and this popped up, and thank god because worked immediately! Thanks!!life saver for him! He can now sleep


only had soy sauce chinese style, just tried.. didn't help as much as I expected, already 6am and still didn't manage to sleep even for 10 seconds :[ hurts too bad


Works awesome, your a absolute legend.
Carnt thank you enough for doing the random
Swishing for me.


Your full off bs! I did this and I was in more agony than before! Who ever commented that it's great ur all bullshitters too! Thnx to u for suggesting such a stupid idea that anyone would fall for cos a really painful horrible aching tooth ain't something u can just ignore! Dental bills are sky high! So we all look for easy solutions and ur just laughing at us on our expense!! You horrible person/people! Please if anyone reads this don't try it it only makes things worse


This really work my boyfriend tooth been hurting for 1 week bad couldn't sleep at all thanks for the remedy


OMG thank you to whom ever came up with this idea!!! I am 8 months pregnant and can't have dental work done. I have a exposed nerve and this definitely killed the pain!


This really work for my tooth been hurting for 3 days bad couldn't sleep at all thanks for the remedy

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