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as the same as everyone else decided to look on the internet for remedies, the one i used was on we used in jail, it is rinse mouth out with very salty water, then put some cold mustard on it for a few mins, then with mustard still on it wet the tip of your finger and then put ur finger in black pepper, put as much pepper as u can on it then leave it, wait a few mins, the it willl be gone

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That actually helped very much! Thanks for sharing it! I chomp not grind my teeth in my sleep and I've managed to break my crowns and a few other teeth...currently three are hurting beyond belief and this done the trick. Doesn't taste as bad as I thought it would as I've used taking a teaspoon of mustard for leg cramps.


This helped some i actually made a mustard and pepper paste im gonna redo it and leave it longer and see if i can get it to fully go away it did take some pain away tho


That's fxxxxxxxx crazy amazing !!! I took load of Advil pills and used a numbing gel and it stopped working the pain was unbearable and now it's gone ! Thanks so much for sharing


Thank You! Only thing that worked instantly for the unbearable pain!

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