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I know this is going to sound a little weird, but something that has always worked for me is my hair. Now first of all im African American and i have long straight/wavy hair. What I do is i pluck a piece of hair from my head, insert it in my ear and it usually starts to break off the hard ear wax. The hair is good for me because it never seems to go in to far to the point where it hurts nd is good at getting out those annoying clumps. The best time to use it is when your having trouble hearing. Just simply first rinse out your ear with warm water first; let that dry out so the hair doesn't get wet; then stick in the hair. If you hear a sound instead of feeling it (you'll know what I mean if you try it) then that means its working. I have done this for 4 years and have had 0 ear infections. This method isn't proven and i can't promise the same results i had but it has worked for me. If you really just need a quick clean just put olive oil in your ear for about 5 minutes with your head tilted side ways then wash out your ear with warm water. Any ear wax in there has been loosened and should come out easily. If you have any questions comment below. :)

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Hi I'm having trouble with the earwax getting stuck like deep into my ear and ku tips or however u spell them isn't working. Have any other idea?


I'm also having troubles with my ear and I tried literally everything. I can't hear out of my left ear.... I guess it's just ear wax but nothing is coming out. When I put my headphones in I tried to see if I can hear anything and I did hear just a little sound but nothing loud...


I've had this same problem before. Run a little warm water down your ear then leave it tilted side ways so the water can drain out. The clump will come out eventually after your normal jaw and head movements. If it still doesn't work after a couple of days i would consult to your doctor. Hope this helped

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