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I had toenail fungus on all my toes for many years. I have sporadically tried almost all of the home remedies listed on this site. My experience was that all of the home remedy that I tried did help but it was hard for me to do them consistently for months at a time. I also found that soaking my feet in vinegar triggered migraine headaches.

Other treatments that I recommend include using a Dremel (power) tool with a nose cone shaped grinding stone to grind the thick nails down to almost skin. This is much faster and more precise than filing. I also use intense light. I took a 300 watt halogen shop light and removed the glass UV shield that all halogen lights are required to have. I put the lamp on a dimmer and shine the light at my bare feet under my desk while I work. (Warning after several hours of exposure a day for a few years, the UV light has made my feet noticeably wrinkled. So perhaps removing the UV shield is not a good idea.) I recommend the bright light because it is so easy to do. All of my lightly infected toenails have been cured. However, none of these remedies seem to improve the nails that have grown thick.

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