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It all started with a UTI. I went to the Dr and he prescribed me antibiotics and this cured my UTI but left me with a yeast infection then I went back and forth with UTI and Yeast infection or I thought it was yeast infection then discovered I also had BV and I just could not stop this very disturbing cycle.
I started researching natural remedies on the internet and tried tea tree oil inserting yogurt, tea tree oil and all the pills with the active live cultures etc. At first it does remedy the symptoms but would always come back after a couple of days. I went back to my doctor and explained to him all the natural things I had been trying and he said that this could actually be making things worse!! He said never put anything into your vag.. other than lubricant!!! (He meant as a medicine) He also explained how I should be cleaning. So I listened to him and stopped all that I was doing. This is my cure:

My UTI cure:
At my first sign of a UTI I start to drink RiƱosan TADIN brand Tea 3 to 4 times a day for two days then 2 times a day for another 2 days then once daily for as long as you feel you need to. You can find this tea on Amazon. Believe me this gets rid of my UTI and I have not taken any antibiotics for over a year. It does not taste bad at all and helps detoxify the Urinary Tract.

My BV/Yeast cure:
Very simple I bought baby wipes the unscented ones. I first shower in the morning and I do use soap to wash the outside of my Vag... I don't open it. I only use water on the inside when I open it. Before getting dressed I take one baby wipe and rinse it with water and wring out the water try to get most of the water out of the baby wipe as you can, then from front to back swipe each side of the inside (I hope you do not miss understand I don't insert it all the way inside just the labia and clitoris area). I do this in the morning and at night daily and after sex. If I get a little irritation from time to time I use a little lubricant to alleviate the irritation and it always helps.
I am so thankful I have found my natural cure and wont be using anything else. Hope this helps someone out there. Please make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in the tea or lubricant before you try it.

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