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First off let me say all these post are amazing and have helped me so much. It's good to see that there are so many people with herpes. Anyways, I'm 18 years old and I got diagnosed about a week ago. I started to notice I was having a lot of pain whenever I peed so I got tested for a UTI. Of course I had one. But two days later I noticed blisters and swolleness all around my vagina. The pain wanted me to kill myself. I would cry every time peed and could barley get out of bed. My mom took me to the doctor and she said it looked like herpes so she had to take a sample to get it tested. I've never had sex so I couldn't even believe what the doctor told me. Until she said it's passed orally. People need to know this because I had no idea and was so childish when it came to hooking up. Anyways once I went to the doctor she gave me some pill which helped a lot. But I've been also taking two Epsom Salt baths a day and putting baby powder on them. (have a ton of blisters since its my first ob) I also blow dry the area since its kind of painful to towel dry. I go pantless as much as I can and it helps keep dry. Also just pain relievers help! And to help with the stinging with the pee this might sound weird but if you pee backwards it helps a lot! They've cleared up and are almost gone within 3 days of me seeing the doctor. Thanks for all the help!

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