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Water pick! Have your dr put warm water and hydrogen peroxide into a mini pressure washer... And flush it out in minutes!


May be very painful (especially if your ear is infected and/or sore already )

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Note: this is not an ear infection remedy. This is relief from ear wax buildup that can block your hearing. I've had this treatment many times in my life. Ear infections are behind the ear drum in the middle ear and the liquid that your doctor shoots into your ear for wax buildup won't even reach it.

It's Classified

Another great way to help with the pain and reduce the swelling is, drumroll, liquid hydro cortisone! You can buy it at Petsmart, and yes, I know it's for dogs, but I have tried this and trust me, it works. It's in most ear drops you can get at the pharmacy and it's a lot less expensive and you can use it more. So what it does, is it shrinks the tissue and reduces the swelling, and stops the pain! My ear pain vanished really fast and my ear infection only took slightly longer!Trust me, liquid hydro-cortisone is the way to go.

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