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I have found some wonderful advice on this site but there is still one thing that puzzles me. I have had GH for over ten yrs now & maybe it's because I'm approaching middle age but my latest outbreaks have been more frequent and with less severe lesions but other more troublesome symptoms consisting of severe fatigue, inflamed glands from my scalp to my tailbone and groin/leg creases, pressure in the head ( like a sinus headache ) and some dizziness intermittently. I hope I don't come off as insensitive to those with major lesion issues,I have been there myself and I really empathize more than I'd like to:-/ however,if anyone has any experience with these secondary symptoms and has any answers or recommendations, I welcome any input , really. I am a full time business owner and I really can't afford to have these chronic fatigue- like symptoms. Thank you all in advance for reading this and for the advice offered in previous posts as I have been using this site as my go-to for reference info on GH for a few yrs now and it has changed my life for the better:-)

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Here are some tips from counselor of Hope they are helpful to you.

1. Improve your diet.
2. Take one cup of olive oil and cooking it in a pot.
3. Intake echinecea to boost your immune system.
4. Have propolis in an ointment form.
5. Eat the herb Prunella vulgaris or the gypsy mushroom.
6. Use an ice pack on the affected area to reduce pain and swelling.
7. Take a warm bath with baking soda to help ease pain and itching.
8. Keep your genitals clean and dry.


I'm currently experiencing a outbreak and a couple days before I experienced extreme fatigue that was a first for me.


My early sign is fatigue . Ill suddenly get exhausted as though i cant stay awake and like clock work two days later ill get blisters. I ignored this signal for sometime but by paying attention and taking valtrex as soon as i feel that way i avoid most breakouts


I just got diagnosed. I've been having hot flashes. Leg cramps. And I've been super tired but find it impossible to sleep. 2 nights in a row I literally stayed up all night long. And worked that next day. Any of this happen to anyone?


Ive had gh for over 20 years, I also get extreme exhaustion. And for the first time I also have bad headaches, lower back pain and can not sleep. Although I do not get outbreaks on my gentitals I get on the back of my upper thighs under my behind. I have used Aloe Vera from my yard for years. It helps with the inflammation, also helps dry out the wounds and helps the healing process.
This the first time I have seen this website, I will also be adding some of these remedies to my outbreak . Thanks for the input.


I also have the fatigue symptom, which I actually thought ( previous to reading this post and reply posts) was attributed to my diagnosis of MS. ( on that note is there anyone else out there diagnosed with both GH and Multiple Schlerosis?). Anyways, I will now start self treating with Lysine and Vit C whenever I feel the overwhelming fatigue that always comes before an outbreak. I was diagnosed when I was 23 and I am now 31 on my 3rd OB, so still searching for effective home remedies. This is still such a depressing, embarrassing and painful thing to go through. Good luck to everyone else out there, and thank you to everyone for their posts about what works for them. Any replies would be greatly appreciated!


Your story sounds almost identical to mine - 1st outbreak 20 years ago, not another until 6 years ago (under great stress at the time) and now it's been 26 years, and I get them more regularly than I want -- whether I am stressed or not. I eat well, exercise regularly, don't smoke or drink. Maybe hormonal changes make it worse? It's frustrating. Valrex/Acyclovir (sp?)seem to be the only thing that helps. I get really tired, and my skin around my vagina tears/splits. Tea tree oil on a cotton ball helps some, but I can't seem to get it cleared up without meds. I take lysine every day, but I may add echinachea and zinc. Anybody used the propolis I've been reading about?


I have not had herpes that long as most of you, its been about 8 years. When I moved in with bf I had not broken out yet, but years later there it was. Bumps with what looked like puss inside. Tiny ones though. I have not yet been tested, a doctor just 'looked' and said yes thats herpes. What an educated answer huh for a doctor? Anyways...I ended up breaking out too frequently, 2-3 times a month for about 3 months out of the year. Just now I got a tingling kinda warm feeling on my lip after I was done with dinner. I wondered what that was? I looked online for pictures to compare them to mine. It does look like it. But what is killing me is that I just read you are more contagious right before you break out. Well FUCK my son bought me a cappuccino and he bought a cold drink, he offered me a taste,(I had not felt anything on my lip then) now Im worried to hell and back for him. If he ends up getting it Im going to feel so shitty!

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