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Let me tell you I have had this horrible BV for quite some time & like everyone else on here I really didn't think it would ever be possible to get rid of. I have tried almost everything, pro-biotic, inserting yogurt, douche, antibiotics, apple cider vinegar baths/pills...until I got on here & started reading some of the stories & results...I have been doing a daily shake in the morning with yogurt/fruit.. but that didn't seem to do much..started taking pro-biotics & have even done the RePhresh package from Wal-mart it worked but not for long until this came back. I was really starting to get depressed about it & having sex with my BF was getting after reading all the stories I went to Wal-mart yesterday & bought the following:

-Peroxide - for the half water douche
-Vitamin D3 - 1000IU
-Vitamin C - 500MG
-Odorless Garlic 1000MG
-Probiotic Acidophilus - 1 Billion Active Cultures

When I got to work I automatically popped 2 x Odorless Garlic pills, 1 x Probiotic Acidophilus, 1 x Vitamin C & D..I had already taken my 2 x Probiotic w/Cranberry, Folic Acid, & Apple Cider Vinegar pills for the day.

I already was taking Folic Acid - 400MCG and VH Essentials Probiotic Plus Cranberry with Apple Cider Vinegar pills..this combo didn't seem to do much that I noticed.

So last night I went home to shower..did the douche (1/2 peroxide & 1/2 warm water)...then washed just my private area with the Hibiclens..DO NOT INSERT...just put some on your hand & wash around the vaginal area...once out the shower I dried up good...then while laying in the bed..I inserted 1 x Folic Acid, 2 x Pro-biotic pills & 1 x Probiotic Acidophilus into my vagina..I know this sounds insane/crazy but after reading some stories on here & being frustrated I am willing to try anything...I mean I have put yogurt up there so I know the pills/pro-biotic wouldn't hurt me.

Before I went to bed I took 2 x Odorless Garlic & 1 x Folic Acid & 1 x Vitamin D pill(which is what I will take every night before bed)...Slept all night woke up...NO ODOR...NO DISCHARGE...NOTHING...I don't know if its the overload of pills, the insertion of the pills..the peroxide douche..or what but I can say I am SUPER EXCITED..the smell & being self conscience if others could smell was HORRIBLE...I know its just day one or two..but I am going to continue the pill regimen for a few weeks...I will prob always have to take probiotics & vitamin D,C..but I rather take all these pills than suffer with this horrible BV.

So after today I will just stay on the pills to see if I can keep this away, the odor, the discharge & gushing of fluids coming out & gone FOREVER...

This is what I plan to take daily...I will douche as needed(don't plan on doing it much...or inserting pills unless it's necessary)I know it seems like a lot..but obviously I am or was lacking all these vitamins/probiotics & I am ready to have a HEALTHY VAJAY-JAY because doctors visits co-pays & antibiotics was not getting ride of the problem..LOL..I hope this helps someone...I know it sounds like a lot to read & do..but I think its totally worth it!!

Daily Pills:
4 x Odorless Garlic (2 in morning & 2 at night)
2 x Folic Acid (1 x morning & 1 x night)
2 x Probiotic w/cranberry (morning)
2 x Vitamin D (morning & night)
1 x Vitamin C (morning)
1 x Probiotic Acidophilus (morning)

Once I get this under control I might knock some of these down to one pill a day...I know its a lot of pills..but I want to get rid of this FOREVER..LOL..whatever works for far this is working for I am sticking with it..I will start to decrease pills probably in a few weeks....hope this helps..feel free to ask questions if you have any!!

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Thank you so much for this advice!! I am taking everything you said except for the last thing starting with an H. I am taking all of the vitamins and mixing peroxide, sea salt, and garlic powder in my private area and they have all really made a difference. Thanks for your advice. Take care. Also, I give you a 10 rating. I could not rate your comment for some reason. Thanks again so very much!! We appreciate it. Take care. :)


I've never douched before. How did you mix and insert it?


Hibiclens will kill any smell in the vaginal and anal area , I suffered for years and now I'm odor free 97\\% of the time .. use full strength and leave on for 1 minute and rinse off ..


Uh oh. What happens if you dpuche with hibiclens? I just used a little bit? I've had a hysterectomy, so no risk of it going anywhere...


I just used Hibiclens 3 days ago while on my period and there is no odor at all. I have been battling bv for over 5 years. I take the daily supplements as well, but it is the 1st time I am odor free. I just used a little Hibiclens while in the shower and rinsed well once a day. I used in the rectal area as well. So far, no side effects or issues.

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