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What Apple Cider Vinegar brand would you guys recommend? To the guys using it. I have a couple of small warts around the head of my penis. Will applying ACV help? Anyone else had successful results with the ACV and that area? Thanks for your replies.

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I tried the apple cider vinegar and it taste like shit! It took me forever to drink that whole bottle. Can I mix something with it to make it taste better?


I must say that ACV is the bees knees. Any brand seems to do the job but I have heard of people buying extra strength and organic varieties.

I managed to get GW's the first time about 20yrs ago, two appeared near the end of my little fella, not quite on my bell end but close by, they grew quickly and were quite pronounced like tall cauliflowers (yuk, I know). I freaked out and went and bought Bazooka gel and carefully applied it to them. All was fine for about 2minutes until the biggest burning sensation made me leap to my feet, i was literally jumping around my bedroom in pain for what seemed like forever. However, it did the job, after this first and only application they both went white, died and dropped off, phew!!!
Anyway, rolling on 20yrs, I seemed to pick up some other form of HPV, the warts were completely different, they were more plantar and started off around my pubic area. I had a few bumps about a year ago which I thought nothing of, I just presumed they were infected follicles or just me getting old, but I travelled to India at the start of the year and they suddenly started spreading like wildfire. I think they spread much more quickly when in the tropics, especially wearing wet trunks all day on the beach and generally living like a dirty backpacker. I really sympathise with people inflicted with these little B*ggers!
The first treatment phase was salicylic acid, no bazooka is sold in India so just plain salicylic acid for me. Tried this for a week and only really achieved burning away lots of pubic skin because of the humidity and damp ( WARNING!! The acid reacts aggressively when subjected to constant damp and humidity). The next phase was ACV, wife's panty liners and duct tape, if my folks could see me now hahaha! basically cut the liner up into useable pieces, soaked it in ACV and taped it across pubic area. Also noticed some on my shaft so wrapped another soaked piece around and taped into place. Then noticed some on around my scrotum and applied there too. By this point I was close to crying, I just couldn't believe I didn't notice sooner! Anyway, give it as long as you can stand, I stayed like that overnight but a few hours will do. When you un-tape yourself and remove everything you will see exactly where all the critters are as they turn white and are very obvious. I must have had about 30 to 40, about 6 big ones, 20 medium ones and about 10+ small ones (i think it was probably a mix of GW and molluscum contagiosum) Anyway, once I knew what I had to contend with I planned my assault. First thing was to remove all pubic hair to see what was going on, clip it or use womens hair remover, razors not recommended.. After this, surgical spirit all over to clean everything, careful on scrotum though cos this sure does burn. Next was to apply cotton wool, pantyliner, makeup remover pad, whatever works, soaked in ACV and duct taped. i varied between wearing all the time, to maybe over night, to just a few hours, whatever my body could stand as it takes its toll after a few days and there will be days where you just can't handle the burn anymore and need a break. Just keep going until they all shrink and look dead, most went black eventually (good sign), some just went white and faded. Anyway, after a few weeks of torture I managed to get rid of nearly all warts. There were a few hard core ones which took a bit more zapping but it is hard to know whether it was just down to secondary infection which is common after lengthy treatment. Also used hydrogen peroxide after tape removal and shower, this cleans up sores nicely (eats dead tissue) and sterilises the area like with the surgical spirit.... Well good look everyone!!!!



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