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I finally got rid of my last one today. I have used the apple cider vinegar before as well.

But I think the way to beat it is a multi-level attack.

You need to use an acid: applecider vinegar, carmex (has the salicylic acid in it on a low dose), etc. This causes the wart to turn white and become less sensitive and start to dissolve. However, just acid alone just keeps them in check, you'll never get the root.

You need to cause damage. If they are big enough to grab onto, start twisting. Keep twisting multiple days till you finally get a tear. Due to the acid you won't bleed much.

Now its time to dry out the area. Make a sea-salt paste. Get some sea salt and just add enough water to make it a rough 'scrub'. Let it sit for 10 minutes, take a shower and dry off completely.

If no more damage can be done and you can't take any more pain let it rest, and the next day repeat with the acid. You want to do it twice a day at least.

So by causing the physical damage it creates more surface area for the acids to get in and attack the root.I find the salting helps keep the area clean (as its a natural disinfectant) and it really shrinks them.

I've found a gluten-free diet, low sugar/salt diet seems to help. Your natural immune system has to be helping. I don't smoke, drink wine rarely, etc.

You gotta get physical with these things. Even the doctor is going to laser, scrape, freeze, etc. But the key is weakening them with the acid first, and i liked carmex in particular as it had a numbing effect due to the analgesic in it as well so i could cause damage easier without pain or much bleeding.

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Was it a particular makeup of the carmex. Say the skin healing ointment? Thanks for any feed back.

Voice of Reason

This advice in dangerous and absolutely wrong - the fact this poster actually believes warts have 'roots' shows their high level of ignorance on this topic. A simple Google search will tell you the root thing is a myth, so if they're too stupid to know this, this is THE LAST PERSON you want to follow advice from, unless you want to cause unnecessary pain and infection to yourself..

'Twisting' and 'tearing' the skin could not only spread the warts, but this will cause you a LOT OF UNNECESSARY PAIN. The genital area is highly sensitive and doing this WILL PUT YOU IN AGONY. This poster is either a troll or THE dumbest person I have ever seen. Go to the doctor and get cream specifically designed to remove it. There's a botanical cream you can get now called Veregen, it's a green tea extract.


I used different kinds of wart removal but only Abiconol helped me.


is highly wrong to tear warts or squeeze them dis advice is tooo naive

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