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Something's are worse than others... For instance a prolapsed hem is worse than an internal and an prolapsed external is by far the worse one of all... I've had internal with bleeding for years, used TUCS pads with good results for many years... Witch hazel (in tucs) appears to be good for the pain and itching...

But I now have an external (first ever) and have found a new respect for the word hemerroids... The pain and discomfort is almost unbarable and this one started a little larger but it now is about the size of the top of your little finger. Purchase Prep H for the first time... Kept using the Tucs and placed a dab or two of Prep H about every three hours or so... Not a lasting lasting relief at all, very short.

:-) Found this site and now I am trying Vapor rub with minced garlic. Mixed two table spoons of each together with a splash of witch hazel, made sure I had a good amount of oil from the garlic jar. Placed a dab right on the little bugger, no real serious burn... No more than I would expect from the vapor rub... After ten minutes now and it is just a warm sensation... More importantly I am sitting with no discomfort other than that warm feeling and the faint smell of garlic... That is an improvement... Just got out of the chair and felt a little familiar discomfort from the rhoid but it is still too early to tell... I will update in the comments to this post.

Advice for the wise
Remedies should be qualified by the symptoms... Internal bleeders are much 'very much' different than an external... One is discomfort the other is very painful with discomfort.

One size does not fit all for this subject...

And like many things... Remedies, for sure these kind, are good in moderation, sometimes a little dab will do ya, don't slather on a bunch of a wierd garlic based concoction and not expect some consequences...

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Update 18 Hours Later

Well, at least for me, the vapor rub seems to mask the issue not cure it, it is not too unpleasant and worth a try as it provide some much needed relief.
The garlic, not sure if it did anything... Size has reduced but it is difficult to attribute to the garlic in a logical sense. Personally for me it did not burn, I used minced mixed with the vapor rub and the vapor rub is what seemed to burn slightly... I could be wrong.

My symptoms did reduce... As surprising as it sounds I did get an almost immediate relief... In my mind the hot feeling from the vapor rub seemed to overwhelm the pain and discomfort.

Not sure if the garlic has the same effect or not as far as the masking effect, but seems everyone says there is a burning sensation of variable degree up to and including some saying it caused physical burns.

So I am still a bit skeptical about any benifit but that may be clouded by my lack of long term experience. However I am sitting here now at 6 am without any Prep H or anything applied for a little over the past twelve hours and after applying (sparingly) my vapor rub/garlic mixture maybe four times within the previous six hours last evening... the discomfort is down to where it was when I was regularly applying the Prep H the day before.

Going in to see what an MD has to say at this point.



M 28 year old... me too suffered from this utterly disgusting (so painful that u wish to rather die than live this agony ) non-tellable disease.

had excruciating pain while passing stool (so much pain that i feared toilet seat) with blood.

it all started in November,2013 if i remember correctly,as i m very shy person by nature so i didnt tell nobody what i m going through....

initially i changed my diet a bit and tried to become a vegetarian only (and also i m addict to nothing, no smoking no tobacco, nothing ) ,started eating more fruits but it didn't go away. instead it started to become more painful with every passing day.

i was truly and absolutely clueless and completely devastated and didn't know what to do,i cant express my pain in words.
tried few ointments, home remedies (like the mixture of Garlic+honey etc) but nothing worked and my condition continued to detoriate.

All i could do was to pray that 'ohh my creator,plz help me and make this bad thing go away completely and grant me full health'

Then finally my prayers were answered and while searching i came across a very small post which told to take 'RUTIN 500 mg' tablets daily

i thought why not? and bought a 10 tablet pack for some 190 rupees.
within 2 days i could feel the difference,coz i could feel the piles were shrinking and by 7th day the pain was all gone.

Now bolstered by this i added Fibre to my diet and started taking 'Psyllium Husk' 1 full table spoon before going to bed,and also started taking Amla juice in the Morning. and in between also tried some 'yoga for constipation and piles' which i found on YouTube(its by baba ramdev,and very beneficial )

it took me 3 mnths to fully recover from this disgusting disease,Now i m fully healthy, my constipation all gone which was due to my bad diet. Now i eat anything i want and still dont get constipated.

just 1 thing which i never forget or miss and have made it my daily routine , is my Fibre (psylium husk) intake which is 1 table spoon before going to bed.

One more thing, i took 'RUTIN 500mg' for 1 mnth only, Amla juice continued for 3 mnths, u can also take Aloe vera juice instead of Amla juice.
continued my yoga for 2 mnths(mostly did only 1 yoga which is known as 'Kapaal Bhaati pranaayam' and did it 15 mins daily for 2 mnths.its too good for our entire body.

i really wanted to share my story so that all those who are suffering from this bad disease could benefit and completely recuperate.

One request to all my brothers and sisters is that if u do get benefitted from this which i m sure u will in-sha-ALLAH, then plz pray for me, remember me in ur prayers, and share the treatment with others so that no one has to go through and suffer this terrible thing

On a side Note i would say that although Piles is a very disgusting and confidence shattering disease but for me 'in the End, it proved beneficial '

Beneficial bcuz i was a bit out of shape, weighed 85kg,waist was 33' and had acidity and constipation.

Now i weigh 73kg,in brilliant shape,29' waist, No acidity or constipation + gr8 control on my diet and appetite and knowledge of good & healthy food.

I can also say that now i have become a better person than I was before, coz now i know that so many people world wide quietly suffer from this disease,
Especially my heart goes out for Moms who get this after giving birth to their babies.
the Babies who upon growing up start disobeying and disrespecting the same MOM who went through only God Knows what Ordeal for bringing up the same child.

So request to respect and obey your Parents (especially Moms,bcuz father has no share whatsoever in giving birth)

Your Brother


Garlic does give relief but its temporary only, even if piles shrink there is every chance they will b back and this time with more ferocity.
and the bad thing is Regular application of Garlic may burn the Skin which happened with me. so Garlic aint no long Term solution for piles.

u have to look and arrest what caused Piles at first place. in my case it was my bad bad more oily diet which gave me acidity and constipation.

Diet plays the most important role in cause of piles. unless and until Piles is Hereditary, its fully curable with the combination of 'RUTIN, ALOE VERA JUICE, AMLA JUICE,PSYLLIUM HUSK and YOGA'


i request every1 share this as i cant reach to all and tell them this simple cure which can permanently cure Piles

Take 1 '500mg RUTIN Tablet' daily (preferably empty stomach,but aint that necessary)

Take Alovera juice or Amla juice daily two times (at morning and evening preferably empty stomach)

Introduce Fibre in your diet, and daily take 'Psyllium husk' before going to bed, start from Half table spoon then slowly increase the quantity to 1,1-1/2 table spoon.and make it ur habit for life (its most important )

do Yoga, 'Kapaal bhaati pranaayam' daily for at least 15 mins. maximum 1 hr (it is fantastic, will cure constipation and other stomach related diseases,it also helps in lessening the waist size i guess,if properly combined with gud diet)

Note: initially use some stool softener for 3,4 days so that stool becomes soft and doesnt hurt while passing stool,once u are on RUTIN,within 3 days pain and piles will b gone but persist with the Method so that piles never Ever return

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