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I have only had 2 ob my first one was AWFUL I couldn't work cried at the thoughts of having to pee and bawled like a baby when I was told I had hsv-1 well my second one (which I'm having now)i figured since virus 1 was caused by the cold sore virus I would try some thing I used for cold sores such as cleaning the sores with peroxide and alcohol (burns so bad) then use hibiclens antibacterial soap to clean it dry the sores COMPLETLY and then apply backing soda for about two days then I started using camphophenic on them (also burns) this ob without RX meds has lasted about four days as for the flu like symptoms just OTC meds will works as well. TIP: AS SOON AS YOU THINK YOU ARE HAVING AN OB CLEAN AND DRY AREA GOODAND START APPLYING THE CAMPHOPHENIC and you should be on your way to an easy less sevier on... GOOD LUCK and BEST WISHES TO EVERYONE :)

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