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I have not severe twitching at night but around the clock burning, crawling and stitching sensation all over my body. It became worse and worse over the years. Even in my crotch. It is like being MOLESTED 24/11! It is HELL, it is absolute hell.

Quality of life? There is none. I go to bed and hope not to wake up in the morning.

It is not that it just tingles, bites, burns, and itches. Each of these actions are sending lightening bolts into my brain. This is the worst part, the pressure that this takes on the brain.

It is like a open wound that never heals inside the head. And it starts immediately when I awake. I can't relax my brain anymore. It is so bad that suicide is on my mind. It is like Chinese water torture only with stuff biting into my nerves.

Hot bath or shower helps only ten minutes or less. It makes you very sorry being born.

I have a difficult day job and I can't afford taking pills that make me drowsy.

My gut feeling is telling me that sauna could help but I have none close by. I decided to cut all sugar and junk food out of my diet, maybe I am getting somewhere.

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Hello. Have a look at the thread below by my (Hussain) try it! It might just work! x


That sounds very painful. Keep reminding yourself that there is a cure. It may take time to find it but once you do you'll have a system that works for you.I think starting with what you eat sounds like the smartest thing. When I went on a healthy diet for my digestion I found that a lot of my strange symptoms went away...less joint paint, seasonal allergies and things like that. I basically ate huge raw salads every day for lunch and dinner with only 100% whole grain breads.

I felt like there was nothing to eat at first but then found a whole bunch. Oats (granola)
Oat meal
yogurt (greek and regular)
coconut and almond milk
All vegetables and fruits: a little bit of greens in every meal
swiss chard, spinach, broccoli, cucumber, papaya, nectarine, banana, strawberries to name a few. Papaya are excellent for helping you digest all other foods in your meals and sprouts (bean, alfalfa etc) have a huge amount of nutrition for their size. Hope this helps...


You have it worse than me. I use a CP Relief Wand on each spot for about a minute and get complete relief for 8-20 hours. You need to try this.


Take magnesium glycinate- it's chelated magnesium, more absorbable and doesn't normally cause diarrhea). It will calm the nerves in your body including your mood. Pure Encapsultaions makes a good one with no fillers. It works wonders for me!!

And then change your diet..try and cut out gluten (definitely)and sugar if you can.

I can sympathize and I hope that helps!!


Good nutrition will probably help. Try cutting out ALL wheat for a couple months, it turned my health around. Sugar, too.
I recommend looking at the health topics on thew weston price foundation website. Really good info there, not paid for by the food industry!


For a sauna look at your local recreation center or YMCA type place. Or just turn your hot water on in your shower and sit on the toilet.

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