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Well I Have this remedy and its seriously worked for more than one person I have told it to, This is the first time I have ever put this remedy on the internet as it is an old Native Trick for seriously painful tooth nerve pain, and especially works on wisdom tooth pain. Find the old type wooden matches with the white tip, Not waterproof. Do not buy plain sulfur as you can from a drug store if you ask, it has to be the old type of wooden matches, non waterproof with white tip.
Take anything you can use to remove the white tip off of as many matches as you think you may need, crush it finely into a powder, Add enough bottled water, Non chlorinated to make it into a paste, do not swallow this as it could make you sick and remember its flammable, Take the paste you just made and pack it all around your tooth, inside the tooth if a hole is there, It may hurt Really bad for about a shocking split second, But after that you will feel no more pain at all..
Don't forget your tooth and get to a dentist to remove it as the pain will go away forever as the sulfur kills the nerves all together no matter who you are, this works on everyone.
Again Make sure you get it removed asap as I told someone to do this and they never went to the dentist and the decay from that tooth spread to the adjacent teeth and he then got into a mouth full of problems.

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OMG I don't know who you are but I have been trying everything posted!! And I have had 3 exposed nerves no sleep, no eating nothing and so I tried your remedy, I was avoiding it because of it being matches but it SERIOUSLY WORKS THANK YOU DO VERY MUCH!!!! Unbelievable


Unbelievable- hurt for about 2 seconds then gone! Thank you very much for sharing!


The white tip on matches is not sulfur, it is zinc oxide. Dentist use zinc oxide to make a paste with clove to give a temporary filling, when the nerve is can make your own..but I would not recommend using matches because they are made with ground glass and other chemicals that are dangerous if you swallow them. The paste is called zinc oxide Eugenol or zinc phosphate cement. So I can see this remedy only in the most survival type situations, the zinc -clove paste is easy enough to make.


You rock! Thank you. Now to get it pulled.

Mr Dobalina

To: Anonymously

CanadaWide never said the white tip was sulfur

Rachel green

Would matches with the green only tip work perhaps. Bc thats all i have and my husband is in severe pain and we can't afford any more medical bills dew to his pacemaker they just put in and wating on ssi to kick in. . we just dont have the money and even the churches that have those free detal medical check ups wont help us bc we cant provide a proff of income dew to also losing everything bc of what happened to my husband and i cant see him in pain anymore. Plzzz i just need some advice that works and that i have in my bag

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