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PJ Parker

Find a product called Happy Jack to treat sarcoptic mange.

It's an over the counter sulfur medication you put on your dog's hot spots (not for cats).

Mange is very difficult to treat. It takes a long time, and you have to shave the dog (if they have long hair), keep their bedding clean, bathe them regularly and keep them dry.

As soon as one spot clears up, another seems to appear. Keep at it, and make sure you're giving the dog vitamins. The goal is to get him healthy enough that his system will help fight off the mange.

This is the only thing that has helped my dog.

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So im willing to give this a try but haven't have experience with Happy Jack products, the Happy Jack you mention is it a spray or what is it? Where can i get it?


Neem oil!!! It will kill the mites if you can't find it I can send you it will kill the mites and promote hair growth its antifungal antibacterial and it will heal your dog! I have some if you need it 0422787170 garunteed.


Happy Jack works but it kills dogs too! If your dog licks the Happy Jack after application, your dog may become another Happy Jack statistic. Be VERY careful when using this product.


Can you send me some neem, as I've looked and looked,and cand find the right amounts as you need to add carrirer oil to get it right below the skin.


Be careful with neem oil! It is toxic to animals and humans!

walderez Vianna douglass

My JR was diagnosed with de mode to mange and we use Mite Avenge on him WORKS WONDERFULLY and smell SUPER GOODS! Everything is natural and easy to use. Today after 4 baths with Mite Avenge is totally cure, it's expensive but works $160 for 8 bottles, since he is small we use half bottle and still have leftover.
I'm not selling this stuff, just very grateful that works without chemicals.

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