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I found that using: Tea Tree Oil, Baking Soda, Cortizone-10, and Alcohol mixed together helped to relief the itching. The problem that I had with that was, it only last from 3-7 hours. Finger nail polish worked over a few days for the ones I placed it on but not right away. The best way that I found to work quickly last night to get rid of Chiggers is practically almost hot scalding water. It worked right away but I still put the mixture of ingredients on it afterwords. That was over 12 hours ago and I'm still free from the itching, and the bumps seem to have gone down tremendously.

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I don't feel like scalding myself with water!!!


I was warned by a doctor years back,that using fingernail polish directly applied to skin, has properties that are toxic and penetrate the skin barrier...SO NEVER USE FINGERNAIL POLISH ON SKIN !!!
Since it is chigger season I also had bites...checked the DollarStore {4 days ago} They had the product called 'NewSkin,the bandage that stays on' ingredient 8-hydroxyquinoline 1%, which I bought, for years now,... any drugstore will have it... not expensive...sealS skin with clear fingernail polish-like layer, that lasts 2-3 days. Chigger bite heals under the layer of Newskin, without transferring toxins into the wound.
I use it and an antihistamine that does NOT raise blood-pressure every 12 hours, ask pharmacist, also inexpensive OTC when buying 100 tabs in a bottle.
wishing everyone well !

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