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I broke a back tooth off and exposed raw nerves im self employed with no insurance for dental so I been trying any and all home remedies so far the only relief came from a product calld dentak it stopped the nerve from being exposed because its a putty u push into the broke area and let set up and dry ive had to repeat process several times it only holds for two days but does gove relief till dentist appointment in a week lol

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Hi I'm going through the same exact thing. I'd like to try what you recommended but dentak is the name of the brand. There's so many things made by them so which one do I get specifically?

Mom in pain

It's the one that comes in a little purple jar very small plastic,I've had one on hand for awhile and don't know if it is still pliable but I'm ready to try anything!


I've used it for a long time now and it does work u find it at dollar general or dollar tree those are the cheapest places it's a purple small container called DenTek in toothpaste section

Desperate times..

Just bought this item and just finished applying it. I'm praying to god this works until my dentist appointment because I have been unable to sleep in 2 days because of the pain (I work overnight) and it's making me miserable. Thank you for posting this. Might've saved my life.

finally something that works fast

This stuff works immediately on stopping the pain definitely a great thing to have on hand just in case.

Joanne from PA

Bless you and thank you! I'm in the very same situation, down to the same tooth, same problem.

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