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Shaved my head bald and they magically disappeared

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you're a cheeky one, you are.


Good for you.
I got them from my grand daughter and nothing seems to work. So...I will shave my hair too. Im am 74.


really not joke plsss...


well you sound like a very determined person


I've tryed everything!! So tempted to shave my head!! Then I read to use listerine & vinegar. So I'm trying that!! IF THAT DOESN'T WORK THEN I AM SHAVING MY HEAD!! I CAN'T STAND IT ANYMORE!! ITS BEEN 5 MONTHS!! I'm not infested bad luckily but even though my head isn't infested bad I guess because treating it with everything ive have has some what helped me not be infested bad!! But still!! And Prescription shampoo didn't work!! I'm 54 and got them from my grandkids!! It's not my grandkids fault it's my daughter's!! She never treats her kids!! And then a LOT of ppl get them and there mothers treat my grandkids hair!! I hadn't seen my grandkids In almost a year because they had moved. So I was so happy to see them!! Then a month later I find out I had lice & couldn't figure out how i got them & then it dawn on me so I called my daughter & she denied it!! So I called the school & found out that they were out of school because of lice!! IT HURTS ME THAT MY GRANDKIDS DEAL WITH THIS ALL THE TIME & MY DAUGHTER DOESN'T CARE!! SO I TALKED WITH THE SCHOOL & THEY ARE GOING TO CHECK INTO IT!! I'VE REPORTED MY DAUGHTER FOR CHILD ABUSE BUT THEY SAY IT CAN'T BE PROVEN!! GRRRRR!! SO THE SCHOOL SAID THEY WILL DO SOMETHING!!

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