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How I beat a cold sore

Feel a cold sore coming on? Want to beat it before it becomes a full blown two week multi stage process? Here's how I finally (at the age of 40 after getting them my whole life) beat a cold sore. Just last night, less that 24 hours ago, I woke up at 3am after, I couldn't believe it, a dream about having a cold sore, only to test my lips with my tongue and bam, massive early stage cold sore. It was growing, it was throbbing and I knew, in bed, what I was about to see in the bathroom mirror. Sure enough I head to the bathroom, took a deep breath and looked at my lips. There it was, top lip, right in the middle, red, growing and all the signs of a massive outbreak. I was so upset. The next two week of my life entail tons of social and work engagements, and I knew this was going to be a cold sore of epic proportions. I knew what caused it too. I spent two days in the sun this previous weekend, first couple of days of summer and this has become an annual event - a massive cold sore at the beginning of summer, putting a damper on June and keeping me indoors and making excuses with friends and work, as to why I couldn't attend XYZ. Anyway, a few years ago, after another massive outbreak and with nothing to do but look up cold sore remedies, I discovered Lysine. Yup, you've read about it before as a preventive measure. I took a couple of 1000 mg strong tablets on Monday after the beach on Saturday and Sunday. All was fine on Monday. All was fine on Tuesday, and then when all was fine on Wednesday I figured I was all clear. Not so. It was the overnight between Wednesday night and Thursday morning that I awoke at 3am to discover my life's greatest nemesis was making an appearance. So, with no abriva in the house and only a big bottle of Lysine, I jammed down 7000 mg of the stuff. I also had a tube of 'Super Lysine Plus'(google it), so I applied that liberally and went to bed, knowing in the morning, I would still be a monster. Well, when I awoke, instead of a mountain double the size as the night before, to my absolute amazement, it had basically flattened out and gone away. I could not believe it, but as I stood there in the mirror, inspecting it closely, indeed it showed all the signs of retracting - almost to the point as if nothing at all was there. Not satisfied, and knowing these things develop a life of their own, I downed another 5000 mg of Lysine (if you're keeping track, that's approx. 13,000 mg in about 6 hours), and again, applied liberal amounts of Super Lysine Plus not only on my lips, but my mustache area and on my bottom lips too, everywhere. Fast forwarding through my day, I had lunch around 1pm and afterward took another 4000 mg of Lysine (that's 17,000 mg in about 10 hours). Again, another liberal coat of Super Lysine Plus. It's now 11pm, about 20 hours after the outbreak and my lip is basically back to normal. No bump, no redness and being an experienced cold sore victim, I know that it's pretty much over. There's no fluid or puss, there's no bump and by all accounts, for the first time in my life, I beat a cold sore. To be clear, I have absolutely no idea of consuming 17,000 mg of Lysine in 10 hours is healthy, but I actually feel fine. Some minor stomach discomfort, but completely worth it knowing I had beat a cold sore. So that's my story. If you're thinking of trying it, you might want to check with a Doctor about consuming that much Lysine. It's probably not that good for you, but, at the end of the day, I won. Thanks to Lysine.

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