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Ok ladies I have to share my story! I've suffered from this horribly frustrating bacteria for years. I've tried everything from Apple cider vinegar douche,peroxide douche, every vitamin, and probiotics. These things helped mask the smell and symptoms but I had to keep up with douching everyday. The smell would always return the next day. So here's what cured me!!! I bought a ninja bullot from Wal-Mart a couple bags of frozen fruit a bag of spinach and kale mixed, pineapple juice, chobani plain Greek yogurt with live active cultures. For the first two days I drank 3 smoothies and the smell and discharge had completely gone away!! I'm a couple weeks in my smoothie cure and still no symptoms! I'm now drinking 2 smoothies a day! This cured me please give it a try!

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Hello ladies, been battling for 25yrs and in the last two yrs I discovered its what you put in your body. Green Smoothies have been my cure and I've been BV free

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