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I have had problems with sebaceous cysts and boils since I hit puberty (about 22 yrs ago). Most of my acne is a result of sebaceous cysts. I've had really good results PREVENTING these things by using nano-cyclic soap (colloidal silver). I use it twice a day on my face which, been using it for over two years, and i have not gotten a sebaceous cyst on my face since. I also get the cycsts on other parts of my body and will treat those parts with the soap, and at the first sign i also put a 9% bha (i used paula's choice bha 9) on it a few times a day and this makes it disappear w/in a week (usually, unless it's somewhere that is getting a lot of friction on a regular basis, like the groin or armpit). I highly suggest anyone who has somewhat regular problems with these to look into these two products, the nano-cyclic soap is really expensive if you purchase it at full retail price but I can usually find it on ebay for more than half off and a big bar will last half a year.

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Can we apply on head.there wont be hair loss?how many time to use


How does the castor oil or tree oil work with these cysts if they are already under the skin?


Boils and acne are not related to sebaceous cysts! Sebaceous cysts are caused by a buildup of sebum in a blocked gland beneath the skin. The cyst is smooth, soft, and palpable, it is NOT the same as a boil or pimple at all.


Most all of my cystic acne was from extremely sensitive skin and the wrong products. Even a blush brush too stiff would cause it. Mine was plain allergy and it took my years to figure it out. Once I figured out the right moisturizer, brushes, cleanser to use it is gone.


I popped mine its fine

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