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Ok-- so I have read the testimonials on this site very often, and with skepticism. Finding out I had contracted GW due to a bad situation was and sometimes is still very difficult for me, hearing its commonality never really soothed that nerve. So first off- that's normal! I felt the first thing I should do was to see my doctor to confirm diagnosis, which I did. My doctor prescribed me podofilox, which I used faithfully. It hurt, sure, but for me it was not effective. For a while I got a bit depressed that the prescription that was so expensive wasn't working, so I kinda checked out, even after reading this site. The GW spread and became worse. At this point I was ready to finally try anything, and so I went out and bought ACV (not even the recommended organic- just store off brand) and some cotton balls. I soaked the cotton balls and stuck them in direct contact with the infected areas for about 3ish hours. I couldn't stand much more after that- the burn was intense, uncomfortable, and lasted for about a week after the short application, even though the intensity lessened and was manageable. It took about 1-2 days but I was shocked- although sensitive, my GW were gone and I had healthy skin. It sounds crazy but I felt I should pay it forward and post my results on the site that I read a thousand times before trying it. I will admit that I have had a recurrence, but with another single application I had the same results. Because of the viral nature, I assume I will continue to struggle with outbreaks on and off. Research is split - some argue that your body can naturally fight off the virus for good- others claim there is no 'cure' natural or otherwise. I know this was long, but I recommend to anyone who is miserable and reading to give it a go. God bless.

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No. You may bleed if the warts are pulled off.


what is ACV?

Hope it's as quick!

Are you male or female? I started using acv last night after reading your entry. How big we're your warts? How soon after we're you able to have sex again? Thank you for posting such well written testimonial, I'm in the same boat, kept reading yet, never doing.

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