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my back tooh on the right side is rotting away and i have not gone t get it fixed when i eat sweets or somethings on the right side it hurts. i usely just brush my teeth when they hurt and it stops but to night a diff night i had a so much candy my teeth r killing me to the point where i have a headach and cant sleep. well i brused my teeth that not helped so i brushed them again and took 800mg of ib and i laying in bed praying it will kick in. and i paryed to god if he stop the pain i will call and get my teeth fixed still in so much pain i got on my computer and looked up how to get rid of toothachs and im came acrossed this site my teeth still killing me i started to read and read and read well now my teeth dont hurt no more. idk if its cause my meds kicked in of cause reading took my mind off it. but just keep on trying. and get help asap

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Garrett 15 years old

I agree with you completely it is completely immature to judge someone else's spelling and grammar even when they are probably experiencing the worst amount of pain that they have experienced in a long time I know for a fact that tooth pain is the most common and the wort pain in the WORLD it sucks and to all those people who judge a person by anything they say or do before you even get a chance to meet them you deserve a big giant BOOOOOOOOOO! You guys suck


To the go to the dentist person. If YOU will pay for it, I would bet you $100 most people would gladly go. Put YOUR money where YOUR teeth are.


ok it's 2:30am and I woke up with 1 or 2 tooth aches I can't even tell what one hurts the pain is so bad. So I did the oral-gel and the 800mg ibuprofen x 4 and then decided to go to the ER.well as I was getting dressed it seemed to go away. Not totally but bearable at the moment. No work tomorrow I am kidnapping a dentist and making him fix this.


What the hell is wrong with people of the 21st century? What do you get out of pointing out the authors poor spelling; are you the grammar police? Hell no, get a liiife.


I had been in excruciating, agonizing pain for over 2 hrs tonight to the point that I wanted to pull my hair out or literally chop my head off and the Anbesol liquid that I usually put on my tooth when it hurts wasn't working. I googled home remedies and found this site. After reading, I tried what I had at home ( being that it was 4am when I got up after reading the remedies, I wasn't going to town at this time) I tried every one of them I could. I made a paste from salt, pepper, & garlic powder with a drop or 2 of water and put it on my tooth for a few mins. Then I rinsed with hot salt water & repeated it. Then, I cut an onion and chewed a piece of it on my good side of my mouth them held the onion on the affected tooth for a few mins, then, I took minced garlic and spread around my tooth and gum for a few mins. Then, I sprayed my tooth and gum with Cloraseptic spray & put a cough drop in my mouth on the hurting side. I also took two 600mg Ibuprofen. I'm still hurting some but my level definitely went from a 10 to abt a 2 I'm abt 15 mins. I usually don't really believe in this home remedy stuff and never try it but I HAD to. I was hurting too bad. I'm glad I did! I hope this helps someone!!

Felicia in St. Louis

I found that ibuprofen 600mg every 6 to 8 hours. Gargling with warm salt water. Applying ambesol extra strength. Brush, Floss and rinse with listerine. This helped me survive until I got $1,000.00 for oral surgery to remove all 4 wisdom teeth. I just discovered, halls menthol cough drops on the side of the offensive tooth helped my friend find relief.

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