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A boil appeared just left of my hooha the day before I was going away for a weekend. It came overnight and was the size of two conjoined walnuts. I couldn't sit without wincing and walked like I'd had an accident. Within two days, I was in tears and incredible pain. I wasn't able to get to my GP before leaving. By the third day of having it, I was so desperate that I tried the toothpaste method and left it on overnight. It didn't train but it did bring a bit of a head to it. I found a chemist and bought some Magnesium Sulphate paste (it's under £2 a pot) and some breathable waterproof gauze, along with a big box of Epsom Salts. I covered the boil in the paste after a hot Epsom bath and left it over night. Nothing. It was so bad, I cried the next morning with self pity. I tried the process again all day, and then the next night. Then utter relief! I woke, went to the bathroom and there it all was, draining out down the loo! The pain didn't immediately disappear but I was certainly much relieved!

I found a local GP who prescribed antibiotics and said if it doesn't drain completely, I'll have to have it surgically dealt with! So, two days after the initial drain, I'm still covering it with the Magnesium Sulphate paste and gauze.

Magnesium Paste is just Epsom Salts so now I know, if I was ever in trouble like that again, I'd work with the toothpaste and salt on a dressing.

I've never had a boil before and I hope never to have one again! I sympathise with everyone who gets them! I'm just hoping now that I can keep draining it so I don't have to have a knife near my hooha!

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I have suffered with boils since my early twenties and have found the best treatment is to apply a bandage covered with a generous amount of Boil Ease Drawing Salve. You can buy a tube of the Boil Ease in most any local drug store or Walmart. You can also use the stuff called Bear Salve or Black Salve both usually found in herb shops. All of these work overnight but the Bear Salve and the Black Salve both have a very strong smelly odor. I always use the Boil Ease since it works so fast and does NOT have the odor so I can have it on during work hours and it is always easy to find. Cost is anywhere from 2 to 4 dollars per tube depending on your area. Bear Salve and Black Salve generally cost about 8 to 15 dollars per jar and again it depends on your area.

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