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20, 1st time herpes

I found out I had genital herpes 4 days ago.. I was in disbelief and didnt want to believe my doctor! I had been researching online and had attributed the cuts on my inner lips to a severe yeast infection. I was crying in the doctors office - how could I get this, how would I tell me partner, cause he doesn't have it. I even went to get a second opinion that night from a different doctor. She told me it was genital herpes as well, but she was so comforting and kind, it really helped. She helped me connect that because my partner gets coldsores, it was likely this was how I caught it, which calmed me down a lot. They prescribed me 2 types of tablets which cost $50.. the next day I was experiencing very very bad headaches, felt drowsy and fatigued all day long. By that night, I couldn't go to the toilet without crying it was so painful. My mum had been looking into home remedies and told me about honey.. And now, at day 4, I feel as though I've got some VERY useful information for those who have genital herpes to make going to the bathroom and the overall situation more comfortable :)

1. Going to the toilet - it is unbearably painful because your urine is acidic, which immensely stings your open cuts. If you're staying at home, the peeing isn't too hard. Fill up a bath with warm water.. it doesn't have to filled the entire way. Squat in the bath and pee - it shouldn't hurt at all! Besides that it takes longer than a normal trip to the toilet, it gives me no pain at all!

2. Drying - after the toilet, dry your sores with either a hairdryer on the cold setting or alternatively, you can use a fan.

3. Honey - sit in front of the mirror where you can see your sores. You'll need honey - NOT conventional honey! ONLY use raw honey or manuka honey! Get some ear-buds. Put some honey in a small contained as to not contaminate the rest of the honey. Dip 1 ear bud in the smaller contained (don't double dip as to not contaminate) and smother the honey on your cuts, all over them! This WILL initially sting, but this only lasts a few minutes, and will decrease with time (mine already stings a lot less).. I usually lay down after until it stops stinging and to make sure it doesn't drip everywhere. Then I put on some loose cotton undies with a liner in them - it may be too painful at the beginning to wear anything but work out what works for you!

I'm amazed at how much more sores have cleared up in 4 short days from the honey! Its amazing! And after the initial stinging, it numbs the pain completely!

I've still got the headaches and I'm definitely not feeling myself yet. I've been resting in bed watching TV all day long which has helped a lot - no work, no uni and no going out at all.
If you try these remedies, let me know how they work for you! I discovered the use of honey on this website and am so grateful!

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