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I recently suffered from Angular Cheilitis on both sides of my mouth which was related to a strep throat infection. I came up with a regimen that was very successful. I'd begin by swishing a rubbing alcohol solution in my mouth. I mixed half rubbing alcohol and half warm water in a bowl and swished about half of the mixure in my mouth, to clean the inside part of the infection. Next, I used a cotton ball to wash the outside corners of my mouth with the remainder of the solution. After that, I used a cotton swab to apply undiluted rubbing alcohol to only the infected area. Then I applied Abreva cold sore treatment. Finally, I dipped a cotton ball in baking soda and applied it to the corners of my mouth. This soothed the pain and also helped conceal redness. I saw immediate improvement, the infections became significantly smaller and less painful each day. I hope this regimen helps someone else!

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Doesn't the alcohol burn like heck?


Yes it burns but it's only a minute of discomfort. Before I apply a remedy I use alcohol to clean it because you KNOW it gets all of the germs out first. Just weigh what you'd rather deal with, angular cheilitis or a minute of a stinging cut?

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