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Don't know if anyone else has tried this one, but it works for me. Go get some 7 percent Iodine. I had to order mine. Its seems to help a lot. Just remember, ONLY put it on the skin!!!! This is not the stuff you put in your mouth!!!!!! Also whenever I take a bath, everyday and sometimes more, get some water softner salt crystals and put about 2 cups in the tub with you. It will dissolve and make your water sooooo soft!!!! I also use coal tar shampoo on my skin instead of regular soap. For me the salt in my bath is like ocean water and ocean water always got rid of my psoriasis. As far a vit D, zinc or any of the other crap, I quit it all! None of it works for me. If nothing works for you, try these. We are all different and these may not work for you, but if your psoriasis is as bad as mine, anything is worth a try. Good luck everyone!

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