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I tried 5 different remedies, everything from castor oil, hot compress constantly, and soaps and all kinds of natural remedies but after months of that it got highly infected. In one week it went from pea sized to 5 inches long. I was horrified. I cried and cried and my father made me go to dermatologist. They told me I had to get it cut opened and drained. To me I was terrified. A knife on my face...And a scar. But it was the best decision. I was in the office when they cut it open. And I didn't feel anything. Just very light pressure. Which did hurt because it was sensitive and infected but I didn't feet a cut. She squeezed it all out while it was still numb. And gave me antibiotics for the infection. A year later I have a very small scar on my cheek. The discoloration took months to go away however but the scar is still there and of course the sac is still in there. And it hasn't refilled since!

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What heroic story, it makes me feel better about my situation


Oh dear, when that happened to me, I started eating raw food, lots of water, exercise, good night sleep, no dairy, no gluten, if I wanted grains I'd eat them but no refined or processed foods. Bye zist!

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