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I have suffered from these embarrassing little demons for YEARS. I tried everything. Tea bags. Salt and alcohol. Abreva. Toothpaste. Peroxide. Everything. I recently discovered a remedy that works so well for me. With this remedy, and catching the sore in the very early stages, I was able to completely skip the swelling and weeping stage that lasts for many painful days we all loathe. As soon as I felt the tingle and saw the slight redness, I started with tea tree oil. Once the blisters formed but hadn't completely risen, I popped them with a sterile needle and used a piece of sterile gauze to catch that nasty liquid. BE VERY CAREFUL, seeing as that nasty liquid is riddled with the virus. I held that gauze against the sore for a few minutes, absorbing all the liquid that was possible. More tea tree oil, religiously and wayyy more often than a few times a day. At least once an hour. I woke up very early Friday morning with that little demon beginning. It's now late Saturday morning, and all that I've got going on is a very slightly swollen lip, small red-ish spot, and little dry spot from all the tea tree oil. Less than 36 hours and it's gone!

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