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Colgate toothpaste is a great salve for burns.

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if a second degree burn this just makes it burn more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Don't ever put toothpaste on burns!!! Just put the brun area under running water, work wonders


my thumb is burning as we speak & your remedy did nothing for the pain.


i just burned my fingers pretty bad i got sum major swelling and blisters but colgate does seem ta help after it starts ta dry

D C Harris

Don't know about the 'Colgate' part, but I can certainly attest to the fact that toothpaste works (I used Crest, which is all I had in the house). I burned 4 fingers of my left hand on steam when I removed a glass lid from a bowl full of food that I'd just removed from the microwave. I was using hot pads, but apparently should have had on hot pad gloves. Anyway, I couldn't bear the pain, even after allowing cool water to run over the burned fingers for about 5 minutes. I then ran to the computer, did a Google search for 'homemade burn remedies', hit the first link that made any sense, and read that after cool (NOT cold) water, and NOT butter, soak the burn in milk (preferably whole, as the fat in the milk is what helps draw out the burn) which is exactly what I did. And yes, it REALLY helped, even though I only had 2% milk. I soaked for about an hour, then after washing off the milk, I then slathered on as much Neosporin as I could, which didn't help at all. I washed that off, then went immediately back to the computer to look up more remedies as the 'burn' was REALLY hurting. I then read about toothpaste, tried it, and WALLA!! Immediate and absolute relief. After about 1.5 hours, after the first application had dried somewhat, the burn slightly returned, so I slathered on even more with, once again, immediate relief. After yet another 1.5 hours, I washed off the toothpaste and felt absolutely no pain. All this in a matter of 5 hours. I am SOOOO grateful to the person who wrote about the toothpaste, and have passed on this wonderful tidbit to every friend and family member in my address book!!


This is ridiculous and I would not recommend it for 2nd or third degree burns! Toothpaste has flouride in it, and for those of you who do not know what flouride is, look it up, it is toxic! Not a good idea to use on a body part that is already wounded and stressed from an injury. Having received 2nd and 3rd degree burns myself to my chest, stomach and left arm from a pot of boiling water I believe honey is best. Watch out also for the silver sulfate creams the doctors give. I read the silver can get into body organs and cause problems later. Best to stick with the natural stuff!!!

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