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I'm 26 and I've been getting cold sores since I was 13. About 2-3 years ago, I started taking L-Lysine 1000mg (twice a day) and have noticed a HUGE difference in the cold sores I get now. Unfortunately, I wasn't as religious taking it the past month and ended up getting one this Monday. I wish I would have known it was going to be a cold sore as I didn't get the usual tingling feeling before I get one so I treated it like a pimple for the first day. For the past 2 days I've been applying Tea Tree Oil with a q-tip and within hours it started to dry up. I'm now on day 5 and going through the slightly scabbing/bleeding stage. So I highly recommend the following:

-L-Lysine 1000mg (twice a day) / 2500mg while experiencing an outbreak.
-Tea Tree Oil applied with a q-tip and held with gauze pad for faster healing a few times a day.
-Apply Abreva over it as frequently as you apply TTO.

Here's to hoping that someone discovers a cure for this pesky virus!

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