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Tea tree therapy is a company that makes tea tree oil suppositories for your V! It is basically the same- just oil and a bit of tea tree oil. I buy it online on amazon! And definitely steer clear of yogurt, the entire US medical system is misleading... Dairy is NO good! Also, I suffered from recurring BV for 6 months last year and not even my holistic doc could help UNTIL I recieved from her a little strange natural medicine from Supreme Nutrition company. It's called BFB-1. I could not stress enough how amazing this is. Basically when you 'cure' BV or yeast let's say, there remains a thin film layer of the bacteria in your body (gut I think). So that's what allows the infection to return no matter how vigorously you treat it! I promise - within three days of using this stuff (one drop behind ear and one under your left big toe) and I broke down the film layer and have never had an infection since!! and this was in December :) I hope this helps. Plz, plz consider ordering the product from supreme !!!

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How do you do the intial cure? I have crohns disease and suffer with chronic bv and uti's bc of all the bacteria in my gut.


Do you actually put one drop of this stuff behind your ear and one under your toe??? That sounds so bizzare! Please respond I;m considering trying this!


Seriously NOT funny! OBVIOUSLY some kind of JOKE!!!


Google Supreme Nutrion, they have a website and talk about it. It's $30. At this point it's worth a try. I'm going to do a little more reserach before making a purchase but the applications are topically on the skin. The toe is the first spot to make sure you for have a reaction to the essential oil blend.

Over It

Thanks for posting this! The whole biofilm thing makes SO much sense! I've been wondering about this very thing. Where does that itty bitty bit of bacteria hide in the body??? I'm so going to try this.

Looking for Natural remedy

Yes! Our gut bacteria is where it ALL begins. Heal out gut, and heal just about every ailment. I'm going to look into the Supreme Nutrition products. Thank you!

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