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For years, I had nail fungus on several of my right foot toes. I tried many home remedies such as; tea tree oil, Vick's, vinegar, bleach... but none worked. I was not willing to risk liver damage with medication or pay the high cost for laser treatment. I had read that simply heat could kill the common types of nail fungus. A year ago I began heat treatment on my right foot big toe. This toe had serious fungus for over ten years. I was not to optimistic about successful results but what did I have to loose. To my surprise, after a couple of months, my nail began to grow out healthy with no signs of fungus. It has been about one year now since I started treatments and that nail is 100% grown out and healthy. I have before and after pictures. My wife and other volunteers have since tried the treatment, also with success. I can provide complete instructions, a list of items used for the treatment, or if you choose, I can provide a kit for your convenience and at a cost of $20 which less than buying the parts individually.

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This is a website for people to learn natural ways to cure health problems not to make money go somewhere with that!


Yes go somewhere else to sell your remedy. this is a self help sight. Shame on you.


It's ridiculous that you were asking for probably got your ideas from the site.


Scammers, u make me sick hope your fungus comes back and your head falls off jack off !!


I agree with everyone. You are not fooling anyone.


No matter if this guy is selling something. The heat treatment works! I've been using my blowdryer on my toenail and it's getting better! I have a piece of cardboard with a small hole to focus the heat onto the nail only. As soon as I feel the pinch of pain, I turn the blowdryer away. I do this a few times in the morning and before bed. It's free and it's working! After more than a year of trying everything else under the sun!

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