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The best known home remedy for tooth ache is to chew raw onion for 5 minutes it works like miracle no matter how bad is your pain just try it and believe in it and concentrate on the center point of your tooth or gum pain that's how psychologically you make the pain get smaller and it won't get out of hand.

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Quincy girl

I was in so much pain last night and tried different things but when I tried this it actually work. Even though the onion was nasty and I was about to vomit it was worth it. My pain went away in about 5 minutes. Thanks


couldn't have slept at night today, if it wasn't for this remedy. 'onion you're the best veggie!!


Trying your remedy right now, and it's working! Been in so much pain since last night, I couldn't even sleep. I tried everything. Thanks!


Mine still hurts started feeling better but still hurts


At first i thought you were just trolling to get us to chew on some unions, but i really like union so i said f' it ill give it a shot, i bit one in my fridge and it hurt sooo bad because it was cold and my toothis really sensitive to hot and cold foods, but right away the pain was gone!!! I also workout and found out that while working out it doesnt hurt and getting in the sauna helps cure it, maybe its the hot steam idk but it relieved me of the pain until i drank cold water either way thanks, its 2:28 am and i can finally sleep


Great remedy!!! My husband was in extreme pain and the first bite into the onion instantly started giving him relief. He tried tylenol w/codine and ibuprofen that didnt help. The onion instantly started now he has zero pain.
Thank you!


The pain is back, the union no longer helps, it just gets worse....


Like many others I thought 'onion for a toothach'???? BUT IT TOTALLY WORKS PEOPLE!!!!!! Thank you goes out to Jamal!!!!!!


Wow this really worked . And I hate onions . It worked instantly , I fell asleep 10 mins later .


Thank you for this remedy, my girlfriend was having horrible tooth pain and the onion helped in minutes! =) She had also researched a bit more on onions and they can be used to remove toxins from all areas of the body.

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