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I thought I'd share my experience with angular cheilitis and the remedy that helped me. Just recently I had really hot, dry weather which caused me to have really chapped lips. The corners of my mouth started hurting and cracking and wouldn't heal. I initially used Neosporin alone but that didn't seem to help. I went to my sister, who is a pharmacist, and showed her the causes of AC. She told me people come to her all the time for prescriptions for creams containing ingredients to help with antibacterial, antifungal, and inflammation. She said when some of them can't afford the prescribed cream she tells them to mix up these three creams: hydrocortisone (helps with inflammation), clotrimazole (antifungal), and bacitracin (antibacterial). I decided to try her remedy. The good thing about this cream is that it is low cost. I was able to find hydrocortisone and clotrimazole at the local dollar store. I bought bacitracin at Target. Bacitracin is an active ingredient in Neosporin. Clotrimazole is commonly used in athelete's foot cream. My sister told me to make sure the creams were of the same kind (either they're all creams or all ointments), helps with mixing. She instructed to mix a pea-sized mixture with the creams. Before I applied this mixture, I cleaned the area with hydrogen peroxide. I applied a generous amount to the area every night before going to bed. After the first day, I mouth felt better. The redness and soreness were gone. Soon the cuts were healed, but the skin was still tight. I regained full function days later. So this is my journey and the remedy I used. I hope this is of any value to anyone.

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I just wanted to thank you so much for posting this remedy. My eight year old developed what I thought were chapped lips when all of a sudden it started spreading. I posted a picture in a group for moms I belong to and one mom immediately recognized it as angular cheilitis. Your remedy stuck out to me for some reason, I guess the combination of creams and the fact that it came from a pharmacist's suggestion. Before I knew what it was, I had started with ChapStick of course which did nothing. I went and bought HerpecinL which did nothing and made it burn. I Googled the name of the condition the mom suggested and immediately I came to this site. Let me just say, your remedy started working immediately! By the second day of application, it is practically gone! No visit to the doctor today. Awesome remedy I'll be sure to remember and recommend. Thanks again!


THANK YOU! Thank you so much for posting this mix. I'm experiencing my second bout of angular chilitis and your recipe is working wonderfully. Last time I used just anti fungal and it took much longer to work wile drying my lips severely. The mixture of the three you suggested along with B vitamin supplement is working much quicker and much better.
Thank you!


Try vitamin C crystals mixed with either a little water or neosporin to turn into paste.


Thank you for posting your remedy for angular chelitis. I am so anxious to try it. However, I cannot find bacitracin in a cream only a ointment can I still use it with the hydrocortisone cream and the antifungal cream?


Thank you for sharing! I applied this a few times (understatement: probably really 10 times as I was panicking) a day about 24hrs after the initial crack and it's gone 36 hrs later! I've done one last application tonight for good measure but I expect to be completely healed tomorrow. The applications during the first 24hrs definitely tingled, but I hoped that meant it was working. It was similar to the feeling I had when I had to treat nipple thrush (due to breastfeeding my twins). They prescribed the same type cream (antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory). Best wishes!


This definitely works!!!! I first applied the hydrocortisone and clotrimazole creams to my lips (rubbed it in well using a tiny pinch of each)and then bacitracin (antibacterial) Petroleum base on top (like a protective barrier). I apply it morning, noon, and night for about a week (a week to completely clear it up)... But it was ALL GONE! All products were purchased from the Dollar Store. $3.00 remedy YAY

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