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I came onto this website to find natural home remedies to warts since I found this weird white fleshy raised spot on my labia majora. At first i thought my skin peeled down there but when i looked closer with a mirror it was a cluster like raised area. Cauliflower shaped to be exact. I read about genital warts and how they can appear cauliflower shaped and form into clusters. I couldn't believe this was happening to me but I tried to stay calm. I haven't been sexually active in a while so I guess hpv was dormant until now. Anyway I googled pictures of genital warts and was relieved that mine were nowhere near tjat severe. I dont have insurance so I didn't think about going to the doctor right away. Besides if you look up genital warts there is no cure for them anyway, the doctor will prescribe you something for them to shrink or fall off but the virus will still live in you. Your body has to naturally fight it off. I decided to try the apple cider vinegar method. I only had one cluster. I admit it took a while for me to see that it was actually working. Its been about 2 weeks of me soaking my cluster with apple cider vinegar and it definitely works. My cluster is almost completely gone! Im extremely happy. Make sure you soak your wart with acv using a cotton ball leave it on for full nights. Honestly it didn't even burn that bad but i guess a lot of people are really bad with pain. If you don't see results right away keep going at it, don't give up. Persistence is key. The warts will die with the help of acv's acidity. Make sure to keep the wart area dry as well when you're not using acv on it. Once in a while you can put castor oil on it to speed up healing. You can overcome this! :)

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I started the ACV treatment today. I soaked a cotton ball in ACV and duct taped it but i feel any burn. Just wondering if I was suppose to or if it was normal not to.


After several applications, you will probably feel the burning.

worried gal

have been using Acv on my warts for more than a week now.the smaller ones vanished within 2 days but the big cluster is still here.the burning sensation has become soooo unbearable for me i cant sleep unless i remove the cotton ball the pains have i started switching to aloe vera to cool the pains also it shrinks warts within some couple of weeks and months i also alternated to banana peel which i heard is also gud but still no improvement....when i started the aloe vera i saw the warts had changed in colour and also reduced in size but it got back to normal later and now when i apply the Acv all it does is to make me cry outta pains plus is swollen even in pains as am typing....plssss help me guys

HappyGurl :-)

Hi there, i am a female who got desame warts problem as you do.. I have a tiny little warts on my inside my labia majora and some of it were flat.. Also i got 1 big piece of wart on the upper part of my anus, almost like a piece of corn kernel.. I am like a worrier since i my OB diagnose me with HPV warts last 2012, i got it from my playboy and unfaithful ex Bf... So it means my warts were like 2 years old already.. before i ask my OB if i can burn it, through
cauterization but she told me that i just leave it there for a moments for some warts just disappear on there own and some just stay desame..
After 2 years my warts look different though its not that worst but it makes me feel so uncomfortable at all, my Vagina looks different especially when i try to look at the inside of my labia.. :-( I can see little bumpy warts and it start to spread out..

I tried to seek some home remedies and i found this blog, last week November 1, i went to a grocery store near my house and look for ACV and i found the BRAGG ORGANIC ACV, i tried to grab a cotton balls and place it on the inside of my labia, i can feel the tingling sensation only like a few mins, then later on the burning sensation, Oh my i tried to make the Cotton balls with ACV and tape it as much as i can until i fell asleep but i woke up and go pee and forgot that i have the cotton ball inside my labia, so what i did, i just took it and throw it and go back to sleep.. The next morning i just tried to put in some ACV using the Qtips then during night time again, i do desame thing but the burning sensation is just i can't handle and i almost pass out, so what i did, i just let tits stay for a couple of minutes and take it out again, wheeew! oh my, i thought i did passed out, its so painful.. Now i continnue doing it and its almost a week i see that my warts were turning whitish and some of it turns black, so itchy now, i hope it will peel off soon on my Labia...

What is amazing, after soaking my big warts on top of my anus for almost 1 week, it just peel off last night and its all gone.. Thanks to ACV, hope it will have desame effect on my labia.. :-)

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