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Heads up for this cream Dermazan. Ok, I've been reading reviews on home remedies and how to rid GW. Soo, I found this site and saw that someone recommended Dermazan for GW. I decided to try it. Site said it takes about 2-3 days to ship out. I placed an order on the 20th of May and two weeks later, the status was still on 'Awaiting Fulfillment'. I wrote them asking them to just cancel the order. NO RESPONSE!! Hmm ok, so I had to hunt for a number and the number I found wasn't even an 800 number. It was a 714 area code and a google number on top of that-which no one answered of course. DERMAZAN IS A SCAM!! For all of you that are saying you never received the product, GET YOUR MONEY BACK. By doing so, I had to call my credit card company, tell them it was not a legit site and explained to them what happened. Credit Card company refunded my money back. Don't just shrug your shoulders about it. This is something you paid for. Why let someone scam you when you work hard everyday for your money?? Call your bank/credit card company immediately so you can get a refund. From this point forward, I am doing more research on a site before I ever get scammed again.

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I ordered Dermazan and received my cream yesterday. The shipping was pretty fast. Now I just have to wait and see if it actually works.


I tried Dermazan and it worked for me. Don't know why you had problems shipping. Are you an non u.s international customer?


I'm having the same problem with them. Says the order shipped on the 21st. Tracking the package tells me nothing, and they don't respond to any complaints, of which I've left several. You also can't seem to be able to buy their stuff anywhere except their website. I wouldn't be surprised if the people posting on this board saying they've received theirs work for the company. Don't trust them.


Having the same problem.ordered it on June 4th, still saying awaiting fulfilment. Wish I would have seen this post before ordering it. All I seen before I ordered it was all good reviews. I'm gonna get my money back and try something else I guess. I was really hoping to get this product cause it says there is no pain with this cream. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Thanks


I live in the states.


I also ordered on the 20th of May and nothing . ugh almost a month later and still nothing so not legit. and wish I hadn't waisted my money:( going to try and tell my bank tomorrow ugh..


i ordered the product over a month ago i have never received the product

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