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I accidently discovered that pure Lavender oil rubbed on the back of my neck and on pulse points relieves my menstrual cramps. I was using the oil for a different purpose entirely, and was pleasantly suprised when I didnt have the pain I have always had when I'm menstruating. I'm going on the third month in a row with no cramping, and the only thing I can attribute it to is Lavendar oil. If you try it, make sure its a high grade quality. I have found Young Living essential oils to be the best quality so far. I have found them to be so highly effective, I have joined their membership. If you order from the young living website, reference #1847696 as your referral source.

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LMT Arizona

I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist and work with pure lavender oil everyday so please listen when I say use with caution. Pure lavender oil to the skin can cause skin irritations and also can cause a women to have a miscarriage or go into early labor. Pure lavender oil is wonderful for menstrual cramps but please mix it with lotion. Most importantly don't use it at all if your trying to conceive.

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