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Like others here, I don't have dental insurance and can't afford it. The right side of my mouth, back teeth, is killing me. I mean, KILLING me. Orajel/Anbesol and aspirin aren't helping anymore, so here's what I tried:

1. BC powder. I didn't apply it directly - in my experience, it doesn't work. Just took one pack. It tastes like swill. Do it anyway.
2. 4 Advil (generic is okay). I don't really recommend doing this on a regular basis, but once in a while it's okay. It's equivalent to 800mg of ibuprofen that the doctor or hospital would give you for pain, so you can do it. Do it sparingly, though - it does cause liver damage over time.
3. Vanilla extract. I went downstairs and took a healthy swig of it. Kept it in my mouth until it burned so bad I couldn't take it anymore and spit it out. I used pure vanilla extract - don't know if imitation will work or not. Pain relief was nearly instant, though. I wouldn't recommend swallowing it.
4. Ground cloves. I put a little right on the injured tooth. Don't know if it works alone or in combination, because by this time my pain was disappearing.

It's in the background but it's DEFINITELY calmed down some, so I will repeat as necessary. I don't know which worked. Try one, try them all.

Hope you all feel better. Toothaches are a bitch.

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