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I was diagnosed with herpes two days ago, I'm 20 years old. Despite all of the obvious emotions we have all gone through this website has given me so much comfort. My outbreak wasn't particularly bad as I've read some horror stories online. I thought it was just ingrown hair at first. My outbreak lasted a week, now all the blisters have burst etc. There's just one section where the blisters were, it looks like eczema now. Does this still mean I'm highly contagious ATM? Also any remedies on how do get this spot to go down would be great, I am going to try witch hazel tonight and also take some vitamin E tablets. Any other suggestions?

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Hello there. Whenever I start feeling an outbreak coming on(usually the skin is red, irritated, and tender; very similar to eczema-looking like you said), I immediately start icing the area for 15 minutes every hour. Not only does this help with the swelling, but also with the pain. I use different pieces of ice so as not to spread the virus any further. When the area is pretty chilled, I poke a hole in a Vitamin E capsule and squeeze the Vitamin E all over the outbreak area. I also take a multivitamin, 1000mg L-Lysine, Vitamin C, St. John's Wart, and Vitamin E daily. I also wash myself with a PH balancing Vagisil body wash rather than regular soap regularly. And after I'm out of the shower, I use hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the area. I buy the one in the spray bottle so I can just spray it everywhere down there and then pat dry or blowdry with my hair dryer. I also used alcohol once and I found that it was too harsh for me. During outbreaks, I'll increase the dosage of L-Lysine as well as Vitamin E because I feel that these two vitamins really help with my outbreaks. I try to keep everything down there pretty clean and as dry as possible and wear a panty liner, so every time you use the restroom or think about it even, go ahead and change the panty liner. Any chance you get, try to air everything out and go pant-less/underwear-less. I also have anal herpes, and I have found that diaper rash cream like Desitin works really well for that area for me, but I only apply it anally, not vaginally. I will say that just by starting my treatment as soon as I feel symptoms and being very adamant and persistent with my home remedies, my outbreaks never develop into sores and the tender area is usually gone within two to three days. And also, although I didn't feel that it helped with the healing for me, Tea Tree Oil definitely helps with the itching. I hope this helps!!


A Nice Warm Bath filled with about 2 Cups Of Epsom Salts, and about 8 drops of Tea Trea Oil will help alleviate some of the pain, and or swelling. Also either a Cold compress or Ice pack would help with any pain, swelling, and as well as any itching. There is also a new over the counter Feminine Itch Cortizoneā€¢10 product available that I use for the itching, and it helps as well. I hope that this information helps you out some, as I completely understand how irritating and uncomfortable it is to have this problem.

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