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Hi guys, I tried many things written from you here , some helped but temporarily. I kept trying with other remedies going all over the web because I would do anything just to avoid the dentist chair. After 2 days of non-stop pain finally a recipe from Bulgaria worked and 2 days now without pain I came back to share the wisdom with you. Not sure exactly if only one ingredient worked or the combination of all.

There are 2 remedies with the recommendation to be repeated when the pain come back, the first one doesn’t work on it’s own, actually it worked for about ½ hour. The second worked but I’m not sure if it can work without the first one. You can try the second one only if you like and if it doesn’t work try the first and then the second again. The healing took about 5-6 hours after repeating the 2 remedies below in this order: 1st, 2nd, 1st, 2nd, 2nd. Now I am eating a raw carrot using the molar that tried to kill me a few days ago.

Firstly clean mouth and teeth in this order with 1.floss 2.toothbrush 3. disinfectant as mouthwash or alcohol.

1st remedy: Mix 50mg O.P. (over proof) rum with 6 spoons organic honey and optional if you like add a spoon of raw cocoa(without sugar). I used Bundaberg Original OP rum which is alc/volume 57.7%. Organic honey is the only honey that can help against bad bacteria same as antibiotic. The mixture has to be warm, but not hot. drink all in a few sips but before drinking keep it in your mouth on the place where it hurts most. Swallow when the heat from the alcohol is gone. If you can’t drink alcohol just spit it, it will still work, but eat raw honey as much as you can. This will only have a temporary effect if any on it’s own.

2nd remedy (which could possibly work without the first or it can only work with the first I hope you will let me know):
You will need very hot red chilies that are pickled in a jar with wine vinegar and salt. Be patient with this remedy, it does take like 30-40 minutes for the effect but it’s the real cure.
(If you can’t find pickled chilies here is how to make them: you will need fresh red hot chilies, boil 50 ml wine vinegar, wash 3,4 chillies and put holes on each with a fork. Put the chilies in a cup, add a bit of salt and pour the hot boiling vinegar on top of them, let them cool before use)
Cut 1 chili in 5, 6 pieces, put one piece chili with the inside part facing the gum closest to the hurting tooth, put another piece the same way on the opposite side of the gum. Brace yourself as you will be in more pain now as the chili is causing almost unbearable heat added to the killing toothache. Hold the chili pieces for at least 15 minutes and suck from time to time on them like a lolly, be strong and trust it will work. It will take 2nd treatment and maybe 3d as the pain comes back in a few hours, hope it will work for you strighway. For me the pain was completely gone after the 3d treatment.
Additionally I went on a veggie diet for the past few days and I took multivitamin every day.
Carrots are also natural antibiotic for the gums, if you can’t chew them, make a juice.
Please let me know if these remedies worked for you.
Feeling your pain and sending my hearty wishes to you for getting well soon. Love to all from Australia.

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dude that sounds like a burning hell agony. I have a simpler way and less painful is to chew few raw garlic and onion mixed for 5 minutes and boom boom its a miracle just happened the pain is gone no matter how bad it is.

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