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5/18/2014 I was diagnosed with having HPV1 I cried and cried. My doctor prescribed some medicine and told me to take it every 8 hours. My pain wasn't the worst pain but it was annoying and I hated to pee. I did try the tea tree oil treatment but was afraid to put it directly on the open sore. The warm shower baths helped the Epson salt bath as well. I've also used corn starch to help keep that area dry. After taking a bath I would dry the area with my towel first and then use the hair dryer on cool low setting. I got rid of my towel every two days. It lasted about a week but only a few of those days were difficult. My doctor acted like it wasn't a big deal. He asked if I ever had chicken pox and told me the virus lived inside of me. So I'm not sure if I got it from having chicken pox or from my boyfriend who normally suffers with cold sores. Because a few days after performing oral my symptoms occured.

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Did you mean to say HSV and not HPV? Because HPV is the virus that typically causes Genital Warts not Genital Herpes.

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