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Looney Lonnie

I have tried OTC's and spent so much money on them with little to no relief. Besides the GERD and Acid Reflux, I have some heart issues also(thankfully mild so far), but then I have the COPD (Emphysema)and stomach ulcers. I'm on oxygen-3 liters 19 hours a day. When I get those burp-type-throat-ickiness things, I sometimes get SOB with it and chest pains. I've been to ER or ED so many times thinking I was having a heart attack (which gets my anxiety going) and find out instead that it's my fibromyalgia (which can imitate a heart attack sometimes) Personally, I'm done with all the expensive stuff and I've done two things that have helped. I added a tsp. of honey to a T of peanut butter, mixed and swallowed. I can tell you only this; it works wonderfully for me. I don't know why it works, but it does. I'm a mess physically, 69 years old, quit smoking 8 months ago, trying to eat milder stuff and healthier. I walk a lot and that too seems to help the...well everything. I'm also overweight and I've been told this will probably stop altogether when I get back down. I hope this helps someone.

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Vicky agana

I tried the peanut butter and honey and you're right it helped my acid reflux was immediately cured THANK YOU SO MUCH

G. Doss

I just gave my mother this mixture for her GERD. Apparently her doctor has been too busy to renew her prescription. I'm hoping this helps her.


How long dose it take for the honey and peanut butter to work cause I get the pains in my throat and chest bad


Have you tested your vitamin b's to see if you have a deficiency?

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