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Hello all! So after suffering a mild ob for a week and trying just about every trick in the book, including upping my lysin/ oregano oil and vitamin intake, I am now having the worst and most painful ob EVER! At first I was only concerned with healing the minor soars quickly by taking more vitamins, cleaning the area with teatree oil and alcohol etc. but now I'm experiencing swollen labia and uncontrollable ITCHING and it hurts so fricken bad I'm about to lose what little composure I have left lol I'm currently icing my lady parts which is giving me some relief (at this point I'll take what I can get!) but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if anyone has any type of tips, hint or otherwise I would GREATLY appreciate it!!! I check this site daily so feel free to leave a comment, I will defiantly be on the lookout!

Much love xox

P.s. This site is amazing and was an absolute lifesaver when I got diagnosed this last year. I love you all!

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Raw honey works so well!! But it has to be raw. I find it helps So much with the pain.

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