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Hello all! So after suffering a mild ob for a week and trying just about every trick in the book, including upping my lysin/ oregano oil and vitamin intake, I am now having the worst and most painful ob EVER! At first I was only concerned with healing the minor soars quickly by taking more vitamins, cleaning the area with teatree oil and alcohol etc. but now I'm experiencing swollen labia and uncontrollable ITCHING and it hurts so fricken bad I'm about to lose what little composure I have left lol I'm currently icing my lady parts which is giving me some relief (at this point I'll take what I can get!) but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if anyone has any type of tips, hint or otherwise I would GREATLY appreciate it!!! I check this site daily so feel free to leave a comment, I will defiantly be on the lookout!

Much love xox

P.s. This site is amazing and was an absolute lifesaver when I got diagnosed this last year. I love you all!

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Hello there. Whenever I start feeling an outbreak coming on(usually around my time of the month), I immediately start icing the area for 15 minutes every hour. Not only does this help with the swelling, but also with the pain. I use different pieces of ice so as not to spread the virus any further. When the area is pretty chilled, I poke a hole in a Vitamin E capsule and squeeze the Vitamin E all over the outbreak area. I also take a multivitamin, 1000mg L-Lysine, Vitamin C, St. John's Wart, and Vitamin E daily. I also wash myself with a PH balancing Vagisil body wash rather than regular soap regularly. And after I'm out of the shower, I use hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the area. I buy the one in the spray bottle so I can just spray it everywhere down there and then pat dry or blowdry with my hair dryer. I also used alcohol once and I found that it was too harsh for me. During outbreaks, I'll increase the dosage of L-Lysine as well as Vitamin E because I feel that these two vitamins really help with my outbreaks. I try to keep everything down there pretty clean and as dry as possible and wear a panty liner, so every time you use the restroom or think about it even, go ahead and change the panty liner. Any chance you get, try to air everything out and go pant-less/underwear-less. I also have anal herpes, and I have found that diaper rash cream like Desitin works really well for that area for me, but I only apply it anally, not vaginally. I will say that just by starting my treatment as soon as I feel symptoms and being very adamant and persistent with my home remedies, my outbreaks never develop into sores and the tender area is usually gone within two to three days. And also, although I didn't feel that it helped with the healing for me, Tea Tree Oil definitely helps with the itching. I hope this helps!!


Thank you for the advice! I'm upping my vit. Intake and will try the panty liner for drying :)


I was having a horrible breakout for the last 2 weeks., I actually took can get it at Wal Mart (Equate brand for $5). It is actually for heartburn relief, but I did some research and there have been research on it being a treatment for herpes. I took 1 with breakfast, lunch & dinner and 2 before bedtime. I can tell you in 2 days I felt 95\\\% better. Try it!!!


So just wanted to update everyone, I tried upping my vitamins, started washing with tea tree soap and even bought cimetidine, but I'm still at square one :( I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. This ob is absolutely HORRIBLE!! The itching is the worst! If anyone has any more suggestions PLEASE post. I appreciate all of the feedback and hope I find relief soon.

Much love xo


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Use colloidal silver on it and 5 drops under tongue 5 times a addition to 3000 mg of lysine through out the day. Continue for 3-5 months. Will cure you.


These are tips from counselor of Hope they are helpful to you:

1. Improve your diet.
2. Take one cup of olive oil and cooking it in a pot.
3. Intake echinecea to boost your immune system.
4. Have propolis in an ointment form.
5. Eat the herb Prunella vulgaris or the gypsy mushroom.
6. Use an ice pack on the affected area to reduce pain and swelling.
7. Take a warm bath with baking soda to help ease pain and itching.
8. Keep your genitals clean and dry.


my first outbreakwith itching to stinging. iwent on a search pursuit. What i did i dont take the morning warm showers. if dont have one abucket from warn to hot water and bathe scrub your parts pour warm to hot water on it using antibacterial soap from hair to toes. helps with itching. towel you used and clothes you had on in the washer. blowdry or fan your parts. do it constantly. and take vitamen d3 2000 iu a day. hope this helps.


Prepperation H wipes helped sooth the area for me


I just tried vagasil anti itch cream. As soon as i put it on...INSTANT RELIEF!!! No itching. I have an outbreak around my minor labia it sucks but i used anti itch vagasil cream on a piece if toilet paper .patted it on and ahhhhh . feelin so good !

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