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The easiest thing to treat bv with is homeopathy. I tried all the antibiotics, garlic, tea tree and a few other things all to very little avail. I tried homeopathy last as I was a bit skeptical about it. Anyway, after looking it up on the net i thoght that at aproximately £5 a go I didnt have a lot lose. My bv syptoms required KREASOTUM 30c. I took 1 pilute every four hours for 3 doses. within 3 days the horrible stench that had left me confused, depressed and hopeless had completely gone. The relief was the best Ive ever experienced. there are different remedise for different symptons. the best thing to do is see a homeopath but if money is tight do lots of research on the net. I do also avoid all body washes, eat natural yogurt once a day and have cut down but not completely cut out sugar and yeast. If you deside to try treating yourself never use a remedie higher than a 30c.

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I read your post and tried the kreosotum. I followed the instructions and took 5 pellets 3 times a day. I was only able to find 80 pellets which can be somewhat costly if you take as bottle directs. Where did u purchase yours from and what was the quantity? Thanks.

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