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I had a fungus for around half a year, got it from swimming pool shower. Visited a few doctors and tried to remedies, but none of them relieved my itching and removed fungus from my two toes.

By accident, I saw an add on a beauty salon window of argan oil based Yoffee Clear. I have bought it after around a month of seen it... didn't believe in yet another treatment. However, it proved working for me and for my uncle. I used it for around 2.5 months and haven't had fungus so far (1m).

It is very good and the only drawback is that you need to apply it pretty often, at least morning and evening... otherwise I am pretty happy with my experience.

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Thanks for your recipe! I also tryed many remedies to treat my toenails. Even my doctor said me to take Lamisil orally. But it was bad for my liver and fungus always returned after week or two.
Than my friend recomended Yoffee Clear for local treatment and said that it has natural composition. I desided to try it, because it shouldn`t be harmful for my health and was glad - I don`t know what is fungus until today.

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